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Collagen supplementation is a way to maintain healthy and youthful skin

Collagen is naturally found in the human body, but levels decline as we age, starting in our mid-20s, and collagen supplements can help maintain youthful, glowing skin, according to an INSIDER report. Marine sources and consumed in powder form, users dissolve the supplement into coffee or blend it into smoothies.

Collagen supplements work in two ways, they act as a protein and supply the body with amino acids. Collagen supplements may act as a cell messenger and stimulate the synthesis and reorganization of new collagen fibers, thus supporting the structure of skin, nails, bone, and joint tissues. Collagen supplements must be taken daily for several months to see results, but not everyone is noticed. Who takes it makes a difference, the New York Times reports.

Studies show that collagen supplements can improve the skin and there is evidence to suggest that collagen supplements can be a useful raw source of pure protein for the body, which may have benefits for the skin.

A review of 11 studies found that people who supplemented with collagen every day for at least a month experienced an increase in their skin's elasticity and level of hydration, and since women tend to consume less protein than men generally, supplementation can be beneficial for them, but collagen is not a complete protein. So it is important to eat a varied diet.

Since collagen is usually found in animal protein, vegans have had to contend with collagen-boosting products made with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. from any animal source.