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Collagen is a dense, insoluble protein found in bones, muscles, skin, and tendons, and despite its importance, our bodies produce less collagen as we age, which leads to wrinkles and sagging skin, which is why some people may choose to take collagen supplements to protect and maintain their skin. healthy.

Here are 6 benefits of taking collagen supplements, according to the "insider" website.

1- Protect the skin from aging

Studies show that taking collagen supplements may help skin appear younger, and collagen supplements may contain other added ingredients known to improve skin such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and minerals.

2- Improve the symptoms of osteoporosis

Collagen supplements can strengthen cartilage and thus improve symptoms of osteoarthritis. In particular, a 2019 study confirmed that collagen supplementation significantly reduced stiffness associated with the condition, but did not relieve pain.


Prevents bone loss

Collagen plays an important role in bone structure and density, but as you age, these bones stop regenerating, increasing your risk of osteoporosis.


Builds muscle mass

Collagen may also promote lean muscle growth In a 2019 study, healthy young men who took 15 grams of collagen peptides within 60 minutes of a strength training session after 12 weeks, those who took collagen supplements had a greater increase in lean muscle mass Compared to those who only exercise.

5- Strengthen nails

Our nails are made of the same protein found in the top layer of our skin, and a study confirmed that participants who took 2.5 grams of collagen peptides for 24 weeks followed by a 4-week rest period saw their nails grow 12% faster and had a 42% reduction in the frequency of breakage. nails compared to the beginning of the study.

6- Supports heart health

Laboratory studies show that collagen can slow the buildup of fat and LDL cholesterol that hardens arteries and leads to heart disease.