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Biden's administration proposes holding the first personal meeting of the leaders of the "quartet" countries next September

US diplomatic sources said that the administration of US President Joe Biden proposed to Japan, Australia and India to hold the first personal meeting of the leaders of the "quartet" countries in Washington in late September.

Japan's Kyodo News Agency reported that this face-to-face meeting follows the first virtual four-way summit held last March, and will confirm the unity between the four democracies in the Indo-Pacific region, amid China's increasing insistence.

The sources said that the Quartet summit is expected to be held after the general debate session of the United Nations General Assembly scheduled for September in New York.

Kurt Campbell, the White House's policy coordinator for the Indo-Pacific, mentioned the United States' plan to host the first in-person summit of the Quartet in Washington in the fall.

The meeting is expected to discuss efforts to expand coronavirus vaccine production and potential cooperation on infrastructure projects, Campbell explained.

This step appears to be aimed at confronting China, which is believed to increase its influence through the so-called vaccine diplomacy by providing doses to developing countries, as well as through the Chinese "Belt and Road" initiative to invest in infrastructure.