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Austria raises flood alert, sends aid to Germany and Belgium

Austria raised the alert and alert level due to the floods that hit several European countries and extended to the Austrian state of Tyrol, where floods and mudslides occurred.


A statement from the Austrian Meteorological Service said today, Saturday, that a wave of heavy rain and floods is expected to extend from Tyrol to the Steyr-Mark and Lower Austria states, and from there to the capital, Vienna, in the coming hours.


In a related context, Austria sent urgent aid to Germany and Belgium due to the floods that killed dozens and collapsed buildings in the two countries.

A statement by the Austrian Ministry of Interior said today - that there are continuous contacts that bring together Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehmer with his German counterpart Horst Seehofer to discuss providing the necessary assistance.


The statement indicated that the Ministry of the Interior received a request for assistance from the Belgian authorities through the European Union's disaster relief mechanism, as an Austrian relief team was immediately dispatched to Belgium to support the rescue operations.


The statement pointed out that in Germany, the federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate were particularly affected by severe storms.


The statement said that support measures are to be taken in Belgium for a period of three to five days, and 75 percent of the costs of transporting emergency services are jointly funded with the European Commission.