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5 nutritional and exercise tips that will help you lose weight without a doctor

Eating a healthy diet with a regular exercise routine helps in the weight management process, and given the existence of the Corona virus epidemic, experts recommend resorting to home fitness methods, which may include exercises, lifestyle regulation and diet planning, according to a report by the time now news website.

Things to keep in mind when working to lose weight at home:

Be regular with your meals and their timing: Eating at irregular intervals can increase the desire for snacks and thus increase the consumption of calories.

Don't forget your breakfast: to make sure your body has enough energy to eat lunch without relying on snacks or being hungry.

Drink water and always stay hydrated: this will help maintain body temperature and regulate healthy bodily functions.

Pay attention to what you eat: Reading labels is essential to make sure you are not consuming an excessive amount of sugar or salt. However, avoid eating packaged and processed foods as they can contribute to weight gain.

Include dietary fiber in your diet: to regulate a healthy metabolism and digestive system, this can greatly contribute to healthy weight management.

Some exercises you can do at home:

mountain climber exercise


You can do this exercise with the following steps:

Begin in a plank position and make sure your body is straight.

Bring your knee to your chest while your other leg is on the plank.

Now take the bent leg into a plank position and bring the other knee to your chest.

Alternate the leg moment and continue the exercise until you feel comfortable.

jump rope

You can do this exercise with the following steps:

Stand straight with the jump rope in your hands.

Make sure the handle is correct and the rope length is appropriate.

Jump and move the jump rope so that the rope passes over your body each time you jump.

Repeat the steps until you feel comfortable.



You can do this exercise with the following steps:

Start from a squatting position.

Continue to bring your body into a plank position.

Return to a squatting position and jump up with your hands extended.

Repeat the process by doing the steps together.