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32 killed in South Africa after former president Jacob Zuma was imprisoned

The death toll from violence and looting in South Africa after the imprisonment of former president "Jacob Zuma" has risen to 32.

Today, Tuesday, France 24 news channel reported that 22 additional people were killed in the riots in the country, bringing the total to 32.

She added that the death toll in the eastern province of Kozaulu-Natal rose to 26, compared to four on Monday, in addition to six deaths in the Johannesburg region, bringing the number to 32 after confirming their death by the country's president, Cyril Rambosa.

Zuma had been there since last Thursday in the modern "Escornet" prison, located in the "Zulu" region, near the Drakensberg mountain range.

It is noteworthy that the court sentenced Zuma to 15 months in prison for refusing to implement an order from the Constitutional Court last February to provide evidence for a corruption investigation during his nine-year rule until 2018.

Zuma filed an appeal against his ruling before the Constitutional Court, on grounds including the deterioration of his health and the risk of corona infection.