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3 files on the Labib committee table that need to be settled in the White Castle

The committee charged with managing the affairs of the Zamalek club, headed by Hussein Labib, aspires to arrange the conditions of the White House early before the start of the new season at the level of all team games after making important decisions in arranging the ranks of the hand, and we monitor in the following lines the most prominent files that the Labib committee seeks to end during the next stage. ..


Contracting with an efficient technical manager for the basket after Augusti’s departure


The Hussein Labib Committee raced time to sign a qualified technical director for the basketball team after the departure of foreign coach Augusti Bosch from the team and the news of his taking over the technical leadership of Al-Ahly, after he succeeded with Al-Abyad in achieving the Super and the African Championship.

Renewal of the plane stars and contracting with super deals


The Labib Committee is also actively seeking to renew the expired Nojoom volleyball contracts, in agreement with the new technical staff led by Hassan Al-Hosary and the head of the body that was recently appointed to manage the affairs of the game, Abdul Hamid Al-Wasimi, in addition to stabilizing the super deals to strengthen the team’s ranks.


Compensation for Ferjani Sassi's absence


Meanwhile, the Hussein Labib committee seeks to compensate the Tunisian international Ferjani Sassi, who stopped training some time ago due to the expiration of his contract at the end of last June, and to conclude a super deal to compensate for the absence of the Tunisian international.

Many names were mentioned, but the name of Al-Nasr player Moody emerged, and an official source in Al-Nasr Club revealed that one of the officials in charge of the ball in the Zamalek Club communicated with Tariq Al-Sayed, the star of Zamalek and the current technical director of Al-Nasr Club, to inquire of him about Mohamed Nasser “Modi”, the team’s midfielder, who Tariq El-Sayed described it as the best compensation for Ferjani Sassi, the white midfielder who was cut off from Zamalek's training.