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Zamalek hall teams with “100 men” in a time of distress

The Zamalek gymnasium teams in “basket, plane and hand” succeeded in overcoming the file of dues and standing next to the club in difficult circumstances by winning championships that delight the fans this season, whether at the African or local levels.

The seventh day monitors the championships achieved by the Zamalek men's hall team this season so far in the following report:

Basketball crowned the African title


Last May, the Zamalek basketball team won the African Championship for Afroleg, after defeating the Tunisian Monastir with a score of 63/76, in the tournament held under the supervision of the NBA for the first time. The white knight won the gold medal and first place in a meeting that Zamalek dominated the match from its beginning. And he reduced the difference between him and the Tunisian champion, and he managed to finish the first half in his favour, and the control and tightening of the players of Zamalek continued on the meeting, ending with the victory of Al-Abyad.

The commandos of the hand of Zamalek snatch the league title in a comma


While the men’s handball team at Zamalek Club was crowned last April, the title of the professional league champion for the local season 2020/2021, by defeating its Al-Ahly counterpart with a score of 17/18 in the framework of the summit meeting to determine the professional league champion at Hassan Mustafa Hall in Al-Sas city from October, where a play-off match was held With both teams tied 28/28 at the end, which was held in the same hall, deciding the title was postponed to the comma.

Volleyball team rehabilitates and snatches the Egyptian Cup title

The Zamalek men's team won the Egypt Cup by defeating Al-Ahly 3/2 in the final, which was held yesterday at the Canal Hall in Ismailia. With this coronation, Zamalek succeeded in reconciling the fans this season after losing the league and the African Championship this season.


Zamalek was also able to achieve this victory and was considered a revenge, in light of Al-Ahly’s superiority in the league and winning over Al-Abyad in two confrontations this season.