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You are worried about yourself.. how to get out of a state of depression and constant anxiety

Depression can drain your energy and make you feel empty and constantly tired and may affect the health of your body as well, and depression is one of the conditions that many people, whether old or young, may go through, depending on the problem that each person is going through.

And in order not to increase the state of depression, you can follow some steps, according to healthline, which are:

1: Keep in mind that writing or journaling about what you're going through is important and especially when feelings are high, write about that as well.

2: Think that while some days will be tough, some days will also be great, try to look forward to a fresh start for tomorrow.

3: Depression can spoil memories of negative feelings, and you may find yourself focusing on the one thing that went wrong instead of the many things that went right. Try to stop this overgeneralization, and push yourself to learn about the good. If it helps, write How happy was your day?

4: Set achievable goals A lengthy to-do list can be so heavy that you'd rather not do anything. Instead of compiling a long list of tasks, consider setting simpler goals.

5: Try to do something cheerful and a different activity such as playing a musical instrument or painting and cycling.

6: Pay attention to various exercises, as this may help to enhance your psychological state and get out of the state of depression.

7: Nature can have a strong impact on fighting depression, and according to studies, people who spend a long time in nature improve their mental health.