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What are corneal ulcers and signs of infection?

Corneal ulcers are one of the problems that affect and affect the eye. Corneal ulcers often appear as a gray to white opaque or transparent area on the cornea. Some corneal ulcers may be too small to be seen without sufficient magnification and light.

According to medicinenet, a corneal ulcer is a small “hole” in the front of the eye, usually caused by infection, and bacteria, viruses or fungi can cause corneal ulcers, and people who wear contact lenses are more likely to develop corneal ulcers because infectious agents They may get stuck behind the lens. Symptoms of a corneal ulcer include:

1: Severe pain in the eye.

2: Redness of the eye.

3: The feeling of scratching the eye or having something inside it.

4: sensitivity to light.

5: Blurry vision.

If you suspect a corneal ulcer or develop symptoms of a corneal ulcer and wear contact lenses, see your eye doctor immediately, as high-potency antibiotics and pain medications are the treatments for this condition.

Self-treatment consists of removing contact lenses, applying a cold compress to the affected eye, washing hands often, and taking pain relievers.

There are various causes of corneal ulcers, including:

1: Bacterial infections, such as streptococcal infection.

2: Viral infections, such as herpes and shingles.

3: Fungal infections.

4: Infections and infections resulting from the infiltration of certain parasites into the body.

5: Some types of allergies.

6: Vitamin A deficiency.

7: Weakness in blood circulation in the eye area.

8: The cornea has been exposed to an injury or accident.

9: Some types of contact lenses.