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Warnings in Britain of influenza next winter.. Experts: It may be a bigger problem than Corona

The British Prime Minister warned his citizens of a difficult winter to come, as senior advisers predicted that influenza could be a bigger problem than Corona by the end of this year, the Times newspaper said.

Johnson had insisted that the data seemed good to lift all Corona restrictions by July 19, although an early completion of these restrictions on July 5 seemed unlikely. However, he said, the NHS needs breathing space to try to deal with the huge backlog before seasonal pressure increases again during the winter.

The flu had largely disappeared last year due to social distancing, but Professor Anthony Harnden, Vice Chairman of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization, said it could come back and bite us this year. He added in comments to BBC Radio that influenza could be a bigger problem than Covid this winter.


Hospital leaders expressed growing optimism yesterday that vaccinations could prevent severe pressure on national health, and said hospitalizations were rising at much slower rates than they were earlier this year.

On the other hand, British Health Minister Matt Hancock said that his country is heading towards reopening the economy on the 19th of next July, indicating the possibility of easing international travel restrictions for those who received the necessary two doses of an anti-Coronavirus vaccine.

"Fortunately, thanks to the vaccination programme, we have been able to ease a large number of restrictions here at home," Hancock added. "We're on the right track." He continued, "We are also looking to see how we can replace the restrictions that are currently in place with the protection that comes from the vaccine for international travel as well, but it is difficult to lift the restrictions on international travel."

Hancock said the government is currently working on quarantine-free travel plans for Britons who have received both doses of the vaccine.