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Their agent for Judge x Al-Ahly: Pyramids requested the inclusion of Nasser Maher and Kahraba will not leave

Ahmed Yahya, the agent of Nasser Maher, Al-Ahly’s playmaker, onfirmed that Pyramids submitted an offer to include the player, revealing that Nasser had been trying, since his return from injury, to reserve a place for him in Al-Ahly’s squad. Zakaria's condition has improved a lot and he is preparing to travel in the coming days to America and London to complete his treatment.

And Ahmed Yahya continued, during his statements to the Judge x Al-Ahly program: “After the Olympics, there will be many European offers for Al-Ahly players participating in it, led by Ammar Hamdi and Salah Mohsen, and Yahya added that Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba is committed to continuing with Al-Ahly despite not having the opportunity to play recently, stressing that he He refuses to engage in any professional experience at the present time.

“Judge x Al-Ahly” is a program for Al-Ahly club news, revealing the scenes of the Red Castle and discussing the most important issues, and it is broadcast on Al-Youm TV on Saturday and Wednesday of every week.