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The start of the Electoral Administrations Forum in cooperation between the Arab League and the United Nations

The work of the Third Forum of Electoral Administrations in the Arab Countries, organized by the League of Arab States in cooperation with the United Nations, has just started.


Heads and representatives of electoral administrations in the member states of the League of Arab States and representatives of regional and international organizations specialized in electoral affairs will participate in the forum's work. The participants will make presentations on the basic elements that constitute the electoral systems used in Arab countries.


The main objectives of the forum are to enhance the exchange of experiences in the electoral field in the Arab countries, highlight the lessons learned, focus on the nature and mechanism of work of the various electoral systems, in addition to the electoral reforms implemented by countries, and enhance knowledge of electoral affairs in the Arab region, in addition to strengthening relations Cooperation between the electoral process partners in the Arab countries, in addition to the relevant regional and international organizations.


The convening of this forum represents an affirmation of the interest of the League of Arab States in strengthening and strengthening the bonds of cooperation between all bodies supervising elections in its member states on the one hand, and between them and international and regional organizations working in the field of elections in the Arab region on the other hand.