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The price of poultry today, Tuesday, at the farm ... per kilo, 27 pounds

Poultry prices today, Tuesday, 1-6-2021, witnessed stability in the prices of poultry and eggs, according to the official prices announced by the Poultry Industry Division in the Giza Chamber of Commerce.


Sameh Al-Sayed, Head of the Poultry Industry Division at the Giza Chamber of Commerce, said that poultry prices are relatively low during the current period, as the price of a kilo of white poultry recorded 27 pounds on the farm, while the consumer price ranges between 29-32 pounds per kilo.


The head of the Giza Chamber of Commerce added that the prices of baladi poultry are 30 pounds per kilogram on the farm and 34-35 pounds for the consumer, and the prices of frozen poultry range between 33-36 pounds for a chicken weighing 1 kilogram, and the sassu 30 pounds in the farm and the consumer 33-35 pounds.


With regard to the price of eggs, he explained that they are also low in light of the decline in demand for them, as the price of white eggs on the farm recorded 27 pounds, while the consumer ranged between 29-32 pounds per kilo, and the municipal egg carton recorded 33-36 pounds per carton as a consumer price.