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The numbers suggest the hand of Mohamed Ibrahim to replace Ferjani Sassi in Zamalek

The departure of Ferjani Sassi, midfielder Zamalek, raised the file of searching for a suitable alternative to the Tunisian international, to link the team's lines, and voices called for the return of Mohamed Ibrahim, the current ceramica player, to the White Castle again, while other voices demanded a reconsideration of Saleh Jumaa.

Saleh Jumaa wore the shirt of 5 clubs during his football career, where he started his career in the youth sector at Enppi Club, then he became a professional in the Portuguese team Nacional before returning to Al-Ahly Club, then joined the Saudi Al-Faisaly team, to finally move to the Ceramica team.

Saleh participated in 16 matches with Ceramica in the mural season, scoring a goal and making two goals in an average of 945 minutes played, and in total he participated in 90 matches in the Egyptian League, scoring 10 goals and making 16 goals.

Mohamed Ibrahim wore the shirts of 4 clubs during his football career, which started from within the youth sector in Zamalek Club, where Mohamed Ibrahim played for Zamalek, Martimo, Al-Maqasa, and finally Ceramica.

Mohamed Ibrahim participated in 24 matches this season, during which he scored a goal and made 3 goals. In general, Mohamed Ibrahim participated in 161 matches in the General League, scoring 20 goals and making 32 other goals.