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The New York Times: Biden's infrastructure plan faces huge obstacles to its passage due to its size

The economic package that Democrats are working on in parallel with the outcome of the bipartisan infrastructure talks is in itself a risky proposal, as it faces significant obstacles due to its sheer size and scope in a party that does not have a majority in Congress.

The paper said the outlines, which Senate Democrats are just beginning to draw, reflect a deep desire to deliver on ambitious campaign promises, achieve key policy goals that have long been thwarted by the Republican opposition and avoid what many of them see as the hurdles of 2009, when the Democrats were in power. But it seems that their domestic ambitions to win the conservative vote have narrowed and will not be realized.

The newspaper said the package, which Democrats said this week could cost up to $6 trillion, faces significant challenges, including resistance among moderates wary of too much federal spending. Senate rules also severely limit what Democrats can accomplish if they want to get away from obstruction by using the rapid budget compromise process, which would have its only way through the 50-50 Senate, via the vice president's vote cutoff as the Senate chair.

The New York Times said the process promises to be far more challenging than the one that led to the enactment of his nearly $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill, which bypassed Republican opposition with support from all but one Democrat.

In this case, the Liberal Democrats are putting much of their domestic policy hopes into what is shaping up as one unusually ambitious package that many see as their only chance left to achieve key priorities this year.