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The New Administrative Capital will host the World Shooting Championship next October

Hazem Hosny, head of the Shooting Federation, revealed that the World Championships for Flixers will be hosted next October at the Sports City Square in the new administrative capital.

This tournament is added to the series of distinguished tournaments hosted by Egypt, especially after the resounding success in hosting the last World Championship on the fields of the Shooting Club on October 6, which won international praise and despite the circumstances of the Corona pandemic, it came out in the best picture.

Egypt is also currently hosting the Arab Shooting Championship, amid widespread praise for the delegations participating in the tournament, with the participation of Palestine, Tunisia, Iraq, Qatar, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Mauritania, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and the UAE.

Hazem Hosni, head of the Shooting Federation, said that organizing the Arab Championship on the land of Egypt is evidence of Egypt's leadership in organizing tournaments, especially after the success of organizing the World Championship last February and then organizing the World Championship for Helicopters next October.

Meanwhile, Egypt recently hosted the General Assembly of the Arab Federation on the sidelines of hosting the Arab Championship, which is held in the fields of the Olympic Center and Shooting Club in the Sixth of October.