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The Ministry of Defense in Venezuela announces the recovery of 8 soldiers captured in Colombia

The Ministry of Defense in Venezuela announced the recovery of 8 soldiers who were kidnapped by illegal Colombian armed groups in a military operation and they are now safe, after an operation launched by the Venezuelan armed forces, according to the Venezuelan "Tele Sur" channel.

The channel pointed out that the Colombian armed groups captured 8 soldiers a month ago during the battles that took place in the border region of the state of Apure, which also led to the displacement of thousands of civilians who fled to Colombia.

And Colombian security sources have indicated that the perpetrators of the operation are most likely dissidents from the dissolved Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a possibility that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro did not exclude.

Colombia announced in mid-May that it was trying to verify intelligence indicating the killing of former "FARC" leader Jes سانتs Santrich in Venezuela, where Santrich initially joined the historic 2016 peace agreement that turned the Marxist rebel group into a political party and turned the page of a decades-long civil war. He joined the ranks of defectors from the "FARC" in 2019 and returned to taking up arms after he mentioned violations of the peace agreement.

On 21 March, residents of La Victoria, a Venezuelan border municipality, heard the bombing and were forced to suddenly leave their homes and cross the river to the Colombian municipality of La Araqueta, and since then the clashes and displacement have not stopped, and units of the Special Action Forces (FAES) arrived in the area, namely Strong leadership of the Bolivarian National Police in Venezuela, and Caracas confirmed that it had arrested 31 people, destroyed nine camps and defused six explosive devices.

Maduro used to describe the groups that the Venezuelan army is fighting on the Colombian border as "terrorists," and the Venezuelan Defense Minister announced that he would establish a special defense zone "to ensure peace and territorial integrity" of Venezuela in the face of an "imperial plan for the balkanization of the state" promoted by "" the United States. ".