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The Israeli occupation arrests 6 civilians east of Nablus and closes the entrances to the city

 Today, Friday, the Israeli occupation forces arrested 6 Palestinians from Salem village, east of Nablus. Palestine TV said that the detainees were from two different families, as the Israeli forces took them to an unknown location immediately after their arrest.

During their campaign against the village, the Israeli forces closed the entrances to the town of Beita with earth mounds to prevent the Palestinians from clashing with them, and the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates demanded, the new Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, to place the investigation into the crimes of the Israeli occupation among his priorities during the first period, to send a message to the Israeli government new, so that it does not continue to commit more crimes against the Palestinian people.

In a statement reported by the Palestinian News Agency (WAFA), the ministry condemned the continuous field executions committed by the occupation forces against the Palestinians, holding the Israeli government fully responsible for these crimes and for the settlers' militias' continuous attacks against the Palestinians.

She warned against dealing with these crimes as transient and ordinary matters, as they are repeated daily, calling on the international community and international human rights and humanitarian organizations and councils not to pass them unnoticed and document them; To take the necessary measures imposed by international law to hold the perpetrators of these crimes accountable.

On March 3, the former Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda, announced that her office had started an investigation into the situation in Palestine.

The International Criminal Court is entitled to try those accused of genocide and crimes against humanity committed on the territory of countries that are members of the "Rome Statute", under which the court was established.