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The Iraqi Electoral Commission decides to accept the applications of those wishing to withdraw from the candidacy

The Iraqi Electoral Commission decided, yesterday, Saturday, to accept the requests of those wishing to withdraw from the candidacy for the elections scheduled for next October.


The Board of Commissioners said - in a statement carried by (Alsumaria Al-Iraqiya) channel - that "in preparation for the upcoming elections on October 10, and in response to the requests received from the Electoral Commission, the Board of Commissioners decided to accept the requests of those wishing to withdraw from the applicants to run for the election of the next Iraqi parliament. , whether he is a single candidate or within an alliance according to terms and conditions, and the period from tomorrow, Sunday, until the 20th of this month, has been set as the date for submitting withdrawal requests.


He added that "the political party or coalition is not entitled to change its candidates and submit the names of new candidates who had not been nominated before the end of the nomination period, or replace the previous candidates with other candidates, unless the commission excluded some of its candidates and asked to replace them with others, and within a period determined by the commission."


The Council clarified that the party or coalition has the right to withdraw the nomination of the candidate by it for the period specified by the Commission without replacing him with another, provided that his withdrawal does not affect the representation of women on the list, and provided that this is accompanied by the written approval of the candidate whose nomination is to be withdrawn and without To have the right to nominate as an individual or from among another list.