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Shikabala from the stadium and the administration in the office.. Itinerary of negotiations to renew Zamalek players

Suddenly and without introduction, the committee in charge of managing the Zamalek club succeeded in announcing the renewal of the contracts of the duo Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wansh and Ahmed Sayed Zizou, players of the football team, despite the announced financial crisis that everyone knows and the White Club has experienced during the recent period.


The renewal of Zamalek players’ contracts came after intense negotiations with the players, which the club has already settled with the duo Zizou and Al Wench, and it is still in place with the rest of the players, led by Ashraf Bin Sharqi and Tariq Hamed and other stars that the club seeks to keep in its ranks.


Zamalek’s negotiations with the stars were not only inside offices and closed rooms, but extended to the same green rectangle, and Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala, the captain of the team, played a heroic role in persuading his colleagues to sign and renew their contracts after he was the first to sign a new contract several months ago.


Shikabala led the renewal negotiations with the Zamalek players from the stadium, then left the board of directors to complete its role and perform it inside the closed offices, which has already happened, to announce the renewal of the winch and Zizou and open the door to negotiations with Ben Sharqi to sign new contracts.


The current Zamalek Council deals with Shikabala not only as a player in the team’s ranks, but as a leader for the current generation and a symbol for them, so his role is not limited to performance on the field only when participating, but there is another hidden role that many do not know, but it is no less important than his role in scoring and creating goals for his colleagues.


The situation is not much different with Shikabala for the technical staff led by Carteron, who deals with him as if he is a member of the technical staff and not a player, given his closeness to the players and their love for him, so the French coach tries to exploit this special relationship for the benefit of the team and exploit Shikabala's mutual love with his colleagues so that the brown leopard plays a special role In communicating information to players and motivating them to achieve victories and championships.