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Saudi reports confirm that the Saudi victory is close to resolving the Badr Bannon deal.. Al-Ahly denies

Saudi press reports revealed today, Saturday, that the board of directors of the Saudi Al-Nasr Club, headed by Musali Al Muammar, is close to resolving a major defensive deal in the current summer Mercato, in preparation for the new sports season 2021-202, stressing that it is close to an agreement with Badr Bannon, the Egyptian Al-Ahly star.

And the Saudi Sport website published that sports journalist Akram Connor announced that Al-Nasr is about to sign Moroccan Badr Bannon, the heart of the defense of the Egyptian Al-Ahly club.

Connor revealed, in a tweet on his Twitter page, that Al-Nasr and Al-Ahly officials are putting the final details of the contract, before the official announcement of the deal.

The Saudi website added that in the past few days, all eyes were directed to Muhammad Al-Shennawi, Al-Ahly's goalkeeper, who was said to be on his way to join Al-Nasr during the current summer Mercato.

Al-Nassr previously announced the signing of Brazilian Anderson Talisca, playmaker of the Chinese club Guangzhou Evergrande, in addition to Cameroonian striker Vincent Abubakar, from Turkey's Besiktas.

The players’ agent, Fahd Sarh, revealed the financial value of the transfer of Moroccan defender Badr Banoun, from Al-Ahly to Al-Nassr in the current summer Mercato.

Sareh indicated in a tweet on his page on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”, that Al-Ahly asked 5 million dollars, or 18.7 million Saudi riyals, from Al-Nasr, to abandon the Moroccan defender.

The players' agent explained that Bannon will receive 2.5 million dollars (9.3 million Saudi riyals), as an annual salary, after moving to Al-Nassr.

That is, the Moroccan player, if he signs contracts with Al-Nasr, for the next 3 years, the total value of the deal will reach 50 million Saudi riyals.

For his part, Al-Ahly club officials denied the arrival of official offers from Gulf clubs or Europe to include Moroccan defender Badr Banoun, and stressed that what was reported in this matter was nothing more than media jurisprudence.

The last period witnessed the circulation of news and reports in the Saudi media about the desire of several Gulf clubs, including the Saudi victory, to include Badr Banoun. These reports indicated that Al-Nassr wanted to include the Al-Ahly defender, who is considered one of the stars of the Red Genie in the last period.

While a source in Al-Ahly said, that the club does not know anything about this matter, explaining that any official offer that reaches the club to include Bannon or others will be announced immediately.

The source added, “Why do we prevent or refuse to disclose any official offers to include any player from the team, as the matter will be revealed if the club receives an official offer and the appropriate decision will be taken for both parties (the club and the player).