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O West from Orascom Development announces the sale of all units of the first phase of Hillside Villas

O West, one of Orascom Development’s cities in 6th of October, announced the sale of all units of the first phase of Hillside Villas in O West, which was announced during a press conference last month, confirming customers’ confidence in Orascom Development and the leadership of its city, O West.

Orascom Development Egypt had announced the launch of the first phase of Hillside Villas, in response to the increasing customer demand for the units offered in O West, especially after real estate sales increased by 13.8% during the first quarter of this year compared to the same period last year 2020.

In this context, Mr. Tarek Kamel, CEO of O West, said, “The sale of all units of the first phase of Hillside Villas confirms Orascom Development’s leadership and development mission that depends on the quality of services provided to customers within its projects in Egypt with the same quality provided in the seven countries in which it is located. Orascom Development"


Kamel pointed out that Hillside villas include a wide range of units, including the Prime, Horizon, Grand Villas, the one-story villa, and the Mansion. Perhaps the most important feature of the Hillside Villas collection is the waterfront, where the sea view, the perfect location and the vast green spaces.

It is worth noting that O West is characterized by a unique location in the heart of 6th of October, minutes away from Mall of Egypt, Juhayna Square and Arkan Plaza, and it is located on an area of ​​1,000 acres. The city also provides all the vital services required by modern life for its customers, including 5 specialized international schools that offer different education systems to meet the different needs of customers, the largest social and sports club in the west of Cairo covering 5% of the city’s land as a whole, a hospital, a commercial area and a hotel.