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Morocco announces 18.2% drop in the country's Corona virus death curve

The Moroccan Ministry of Health announced that the mortality curve over the past two weeks recorded a decrease of 18.2%.


In a presentation of the bimonthly outcome of the epidemiological situation, the head of the Communicable Diseases Department of the Directorate of Epidemiology and Disease Control at the Ministry, Abdelkarim Meziane, confirmed that there is stability in the general trend of the pandemic in Morocco, although it is offset by signs of a rise in positive cases recorded during the past two weeks, with an increase of 12.05%.


Meziane explained that the health monitoring system recorded, during these two weeks, a decrease in the percentage of positive cases, as it decreased from 3.87% to 3.31%, as well as a confirmed increase in the number of active cases that moved from 3,165 cases two weeks ago to 3,732 injuries yesterday, an increase of more than 18%. .


With regard to the number of new critical cases in the intensive care departments, he added that it recorded stability during the last two weeks, at a time when the daily number of resuscitation cases under artificial respiration recorded a remarkable improvement and a decrease of 50%.