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Mohamed Mahmoud organizes Al-Ahly group training after the end of the rest

Al-Ahly midfielder Mohamed Mahmoud returns to participate in his team’s group training after Al-Ahly’s return to resume group training starting next Thursday, after the end of the negative rest that the players received for 6 days, starting from Saturday until Wednesday, which was approved by the technical staff in order to give the players an opportunity to rest and catch Breathing after suffering from the pressure of matches throughout the last period.


It is expected that Mohamed Mahmoud will gradually organize Al-Ahly’s group training due to the long period of his absence from the stadiums, provided that the player is ready to participate in the full group training after returning from Tunisia after facing Esperance in the semi-finals of the African Champions League.


Mohamed Mahmoud is considered one of the distinguished football talents in Egyptian football, and one of the stars of Egypt's first and Olympic team, but the large number of injuries prevented him from being with the old and young Pharaohs, before recovering from injury to reintroduce himself to the red fans who are waiting for a lot from him in the coming period.