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Liverpool opens the door to the departure of 4 stars

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp has given the Reds management the green light for the departure of 4 players from the team during the current summer transfer period.

And, as the English newspaper “Daily Star” reported, Klopp, the Liverpool coach, welcomed the departure of the quartet Nico Williams, Xherdan Shaqiri, Divock Origi and Harry Wilson to new clubs this summer.

She added that Klopp's decision to dispense with the Liverpool quartet came because they did not participate in the Reds matches constantly, and accordingly it was decided to give them the opportunity to search for new clubs in the summer.

The quartet does not participate much in first-team matches, with Wilson leaving on loan to ensure participation in the matches.

Phillips spent last season at Cardiff City and may now be looking for a chance to leave for good after several loan experiences.

And Origi and Shaqiri failed to get a major role in Liverpool's matches, and their task became more difficult after Diogo Jota's brilliance and his impressive performances in his team's matches last season.

On the other hand, Ahmed Mujahid, head of the tripartite committee that runs the Football Association, revealed that Liverpool had expressed its unwillingness to participate Mohamed Salah with the national Olympic team, but attempts are still in force, and the player is trying to persuade his club to participate, and the chances of Mustafa Mohamed catching up with the Pharaohs in Japan A little big, and God willing, Hegazy will be with the national team at the Olympics.

Mujahid continued, in televised statements to the Ontime Stadium program, on Ontime Sports, with the journalist Ahmed Schubert: "Coordination must be made between Shawky Gharib, the coach of the national team, and the technical staff of Al-Ahly and Pyramids if they reach the final of the Champions League and Confederation Cup."

Mujahid denied Al-Ahly's suggestion that some players would not be allowed to participate in the Olympics with the Egyptian team, saying: "There is no club that opposes the interest of the Olympic team, all clubs support their teams, and there is no intention for Al-Ahly to object to the team's support with its players in light of the possibility of its ascension to the final of the African Champions League."

He continued: "Our goal as representatives of the Football Association is the interest of the teams and clubs alike, but as we celebrate the centenary of the national team and the Football Association, I think that all clubs help and contribute to the emergence of the Pharaohs at a distinguished level."