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Know how many mobile and net lines in Egypt in 8 information

The Ministry of Communications announces the number of telecommunications and Internet subscribers in Egypt periodically, and according to the latest report issued by the number of mobile users in the period from October to December 2020, it has witnessed an increase in the number of customers, and in the following lines we provide the most important information about the number of subscribers, whether in mobile or services associated with it.

 95.307 million total mobile subscribers for the October-December 2020 period.

 93.65% of mobile phone lines per 100 population.

 9.85 million subscriptions Total fixed line subscribers.

 7.83 million fixed-line subscribers in urban areas and 2.02 million in rural areas.

 53.40 million subscribers to the Internet through a mobile phone.

 4.04 million subscribers to "USB Modem".

 8.81 million high-speed internet subscriptions.

2.565.78 billion beats/sec, the total international capacity of the Internet.