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Kef recalls Hassan Shehata's achievements with the Pharaohs and the winning numbers for three African championships

The name of the teacher, Hassan Shehata, is associated with a historical era of the achievements of the Pharaohs team, and he has a history whose pages are filled with records, during his tenure as coach of the Pharaohs. African Championships.

The Confederation of African Football "CAF" published a set of pictures that commemorate the achievements of Hassan Shehata by raising the African Cup three times in a row, on the official account of CAF on "Twitter", and commented: "Hassan Shehata accompanied the Egyptian team in the African Nations Cup: He was crowned with three Titles, played 18 matches, scored 15 victories, 3 draws, and received no defeat during the Nations Cup, scored 42 goals, received 10 goals, and scored 9 clean sheets.

The teacher, Hassan Shehata, recorded his name in golden letters in the history of African football through a journey of achievements and championships, which will not be forgotten in the memory of the Egyptians, especially since he became the historical hunter of the Pharaohs.

Al-Moallem achieved historical achievements with Egyptian football that no one has ever done before in Egypt or the African continent, after he was crowned with the historic trio of African nations in 2006, 2008 and 2010.

Al-Moallem led the Egyptian national team in 86 matches, winning 52, drawing 16 and losing 18. Under his leadership, the team scored 170 goals, and conceded 80 goals.

Al-Moallem won several titles with the national team, the most important of which was the African Cup of Nations title three times in a row in 2006, 2008, 2010, as well as the Arab Games in 2007, and the Nile Valley Basin tournament in 2011.