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If you want to lose weight, eggs are your secret weapon to lose weight

Eggs are one of the best weight loss foods to include in your diet. Eggs are incredibly versatile, and you can enjoy them at any time of the day and in a variety of dishes.

According to Eat This, Not That, eggs contain great nutritional value, and also play a role in your metabolism, and eggs can even be your secret weapon for weight loss.

Rich in protein

Eggs are high in protein and are the building block of muscle, and one large egg contains 6.3 grams of high-quality plant-based protein - so if you eat two at one meal, you've already reached 25.2% of your 50g recommended daily intake.

Protein positively affects satiety hormones such as cholecystokinin, which helps prevent stomach emptying and thus keep us full for longer, as confirmed by Arika Hochette, a nutritionist at Paloma Health. Proteins also take longer to digest than carbohydrates because they are relatively large molecules, which require Too much work to break down into amino acids.

Contains some powerful vitamins

Eggs are a good source of vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamin that appears to play a role in weight loss. Vitamin D supplementation has been found to reduce both BMI and waist circumference in overweight people.

Eggs are also an excellent source of vitamin B12, containing 89 micrograms - 37% of the daily value in just one. They are also high in iron, which helps keep you fueled throughout the day.

Helps balance blood sugar

Eggs can help balance blood sugar and insulin levels without negatively affecting cholesterol levels, and a 2019 study revealed that eating a low-carb, high-fat meal first thing in the morning (like an omelet) can help you prevent a sugar spike. blood sugar, which is very common after a high-carb breakfast such as muffins, or cereal with fruit, and eating this type of breakfast can also improve blood sugar control throughout the day, which is especially important for those with diabetes

low calorie

Another reason eggs are a good option for weight loss is that they are relatively low in calories: a large egg contains only about 76 calories, which means that at breakfast time you can have two boiled eggs and a piece of whole-grain toast for only 232 calories.

Low carb eggs

If you want to follow the keto diet or are simply trying to lose weight by cutting back on carbs, eggs should be your best friend, as they contain less than 1 gram of carbs.

Unlike many traditional breakfast foods like cereal and toast, eggs are high in protein and zero carbs, which may help promote satiety without increasing insulin levels, says Diana Gariglio Cleland, a registered dietitian. Bread on the release of insulin from high blood sugar.