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Fyler and Musimani account revealed with Al-Ahly in 44 matches

The comparison remains always held in the minds of Al-Ahly fans between the Swiss duo, Rene Weiler, the former coach of the Red Giant, and the South African, Pitso Musimani, the current coach of the team, after the achievements of both of them in leading Al-Ahly in the recent period.

Musimani has won 4 titles with Al-Ahly club so far in less than a year, as he completed the league championship that Al-Ahly had won with Fyler, and also won the African Champions League title after defeating Zamalek in the final of the century, and he also won the Egypt Cup title with Al-Ahly at the expense of Tala’i. El-Jaish on penalties, before defeating Morocco's Nahdlat Berkane 2-0 and crowning the African Super Cup, to be Musimani's fourth tournament since he took over Al-Ahly's leadership, in addition to winning the bronze in the Club World Cup.

Al-Ahly officials will begin the coming period to resolve an important file for the football team, which is the extension and amendment of the contract of Pitso Musimani, the coach of the team, and Al-Khatib, Al-Ahly’s president, leads a strong trend by extending and amending the coach’s contract, and although Musimani is still linked to a contract with Al-Ahly that ends at the end of next season, the Red Castle president He wants to achieve more stability in the football team and reward Mosimane for his recent successes with the team by extending and amending his contract in a way that is commensurate with the achievements he achieved with the team.