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France hosts a meeting to mobilize support for the Lebanese army to confront the economic crisis

France will host a virtual meeting on June 17 to mobilize support for the Lebanese army, as part of its efforts to support efforts to confront the economic crisis that has put the Lebanese army on the brink of collapse, according to Russia Today.

The French Defense Ministry said that "the aim is to draw attention to the situation of the Lebanese Armed Forces, whose members are facing deteriorating living conditions, and may no longer be able to carry out their tasks necessary for the stability of the country."

She added that she "will host the meeting in cooperation with the United Nations and Italy," noting that it "aims to encourage donations for the benefit of the Lebanese Armed Forces."

The countries of the International Support Group for Lebanon, which includes Russia, the Gulf states, the United States and European powers, were invited to attend the meeting.

Two diplomatic sources told US media that "the meeting will seek aid from countries that provide food, medical aid, and spare parts for military equipment, although it was not planned to provide weapons or other military equipment."