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FBI Director: The recent hacking is similar to the 9/11 attacks

The FBI has compared the recent series of cyber attacks on the US government and corporate entities to the defensive difficulties presented by the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Christopher Ray, director of the FBI, also revealed that the agency is investigating about 100 types of ransomware, with many returning to operators in Russia.

"There are a lot of similarities, a lot of significance, a lot of focus on our part on disruption and prevention," Ray told the Wall Street Journal.

"There is a shared responsibility, not just across government agencies but across the private sector and even the average American," he added.

His comments come in the wake of two major attacks, targeting the meat processing and oil and gas industries in the United States, which brought their operations to a temporary halt as the attacks targeted several online local government systems.

JBS, which supplies more than 20% of all beef in America, revealed that all of its plants closed last Sunday due to a hacking attack.

Colonial, which operates the largest fuel pipeline in the United States, confirmed on May 19 that it had paid $4.4 million to a group of hackers who breached its computer systems two weeks earlier.

The pipeline carries about 45% of the gasoline used on the US East Coast, and the nearly week-long layover has led to some panic buying and gas shortages at gas stations, driving up prices.

While these attacks on gas, oil and meat companies have been the most notorious of late, Wray said they make up a small portion of the ransomware variants now being investigated by federal authorities.