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Does your heart stop when you sneeze?.. know the truth

The human body does some strange and amazing things, including the process of sneezing, and some believe that the human heart stops during the process of sneezing, so what is the truth of this matter and does the heart stop temporarily or does the heart rate slow down? .. This is what we learn in this report, according to the website. Cleveland Clinic".

Does your heart beat when you sneeze?

"The first thing to know is that there's an important difference between stopping your heart and having your heart stopped," said Cleveland Clinic cardiologist Kenneth Mayoga.

"The heart does not beat at a constant rate... it speeds up and slows down all the time, depending on many factors, for example, it increases in height when running and slows down when sleeping," he added.

He explained: “When we talk about cardiac arrest in medical terms, we generally mean a pause of at least 3 seconds, but this long pause can be a sign of a problem with the heartbeat, but the good news is that sneezing, as a normal function of the body, generally does not cause pauses. long for the heart."

What happens to your heart when you sneeze?

Sneezing doesn't stop your heart, but sneezing has the ability to slow your heart rate, at least for a short time. Dr Mayoga said: "While sneezing may have the ability to slow the heartbeat for a very short time - for example by increasing the so-called vagus tone - we generally don't see it as causing clinically meaningful pauses."

"We know this because we have heart monitors that can record your heart rate and rhythm for up to four years," he added. "These monitors are designed to detect clinically meaningful pauses in the heart, something we generally don't see when sneezing."

The phenomenon of fainting during sneezing

Some people experience a phenomenon called “sneezing syncope.” When this happens, your sneezing heart rate and blood pressure drop to such an extent that you can feel dizzy or even faint. of fainting in general.

It is important that if you feel faint or dizzy when sneezing, talk to your doctor. If you sneeze a lot, you may need an allergist.