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Do you suffer from swelling or puffy eyes? Learn the causes and treatment methods

Swollen or puffy eyes are normal and affect many people, and they are usually harmless, but sometimes they can be a sign of illness or fatigue, and here are ways to get rid of puffy or swollen eyes, according to the "Healthline" website.

Puffy or swollen eyes can be caused by a sleepless night, dryness, or simply signs of aging, but sometimes they can be a sign of an allergy or infection.

Lifestyle factors such as how much you sleep, exercise, what you eat and drink, as well as age and genetics can play a role in the appearance of the skin around the eyes.

Sometimes, getting 8 hours of sleep, drinking two liters of water a day, and using expensive skincare products isn't enough to get rid of puffy or swollen eyes.

Puffy eyes are the accumulation of fluid in and around the eyes, but swollen eyes appear to be more inflamed, with the term puffiness usually denoting a short-term problem while swelling is usually associated with something more serious or long-term.

Puffy eyes can be accompanied by dark circles or redness in the eyes and can be caused by any of the following:

1- Allergies (hay fever, animal fur, dust mites, other allergens)

2- Conjunctivitis (pink eye)

3- Poor contact lens care

4- Intense crying

5- Consuming a lot of salt

6- An eye injury

Methods of treating puffy eyes:

Treating puffy eyes depends on knowing the causes of their swelling, for example, it is important to reduce salt consumption and also put a cold towel on your eyes after crying.

But puffy eyes can sometimes be a sign of an underlying medical condition, especially if it causes you pain or discomfort. In this case, you should visit a doctor to find out the cause and take the appropriate treatment for the condition.

If you suffer from hay fever, antihistamines or eye drops are usually the best solution.

If you think that this puffiness is related to allergies, it is important to wash your face with clean water and then use eye drops to clean it and soothe itching, and use cold compresses on the eyes to reduce any swelling or irritation.