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Ceramica faces Al-Ahly Bank in preparation for Al-Masry

The technical staff of the Ceramica team, led by Diaa El-Sayed, the coach, agreed with their counterparts in the Al-Ahly Bank team, to hold a friendly match between the two teams, next Sunday evening, as part of the two teams' preparations for the resumption of the Premier League this season.

Ceramica scored 32 points from 24 matches, winning 7, drawing 11 and losing 6. Its players scored 31 goals and conceded 29 goals, and they have a postponed match with Al-Ahly.

Ceramica will meet its Egyptian counterpart, Al-Portsaidi, in the 26th round of the league competition, on June 15, which is the confrontation in which the team hopes to return to the track of absent victories.

For his part, Diaa El-Sayed, technical director of the Ceramica team, confirmed that he asked the club’s management to support the team in some centers, to achieve the ambition and goals of the technical staff and players, and to compete in advanced positions in the league table.

The Ceramica coach said: "I asked the management for some reinforcements for the team, because our goal is to be in the golden square, and then the African participation."

Diaa El-Sayed added that Walter Bwalya’s continuation in Al-Ahly club is difficult, in light of the pressure that exists on players in major clubs such as Al-Ahly and Zamalek, but his level will be good in other clubs other than the Red Genie.

Regarding the sale of Mohamed Ibrahim or Shadi Hussein, the team player, the coach said, if the management decides to sell the players, it is with the management’s decision, and I have no problem in principle, especially since the team has a large number of players who can achieve the ambition of Ceramica.