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Causes of high uric acid in the blood and ways to treat it

Gout is one of the ancient diseases called "the disease of kings", due to its appearance since the era of the kings and the pharaohs, and it was causing them inflammation in the joints and severe pain, which is one of its most important symptoms. It is practiced by a person or taking medicines to treat other diseases that cause side effects of gout.

 According to the medical website “the health”, gout also has benefits in the case of its presence in its natural rates, as it plays a vital role in the body as antioxidants, but in cases of excess of normal rates, it is deposited in the form of crystals, and leads to arthritis, and he said that one of the most prominent causes of High level of uric acid "gout" in the blood is:

1- The body secretes acid to a large extent as a result of some genetic diseases, where gout appears in these cases at a young age in children, but this reason does not exceed 10% among those infected.

2 The presence of some tumors in the body, which causes high uric acid.

3 Use of diuretics leads to a change in the ability of the kidneys to excrete uric acid.

4 Taking medications to treat blood pressure frequently and for long periods of time.

5- The presence of an imbalance in triglycerides and cholesterol, when the cholesterol level increases, the viscosity of the blood increases, and leads to an increase in gout.

The published medical report said that attention should be paid to the need to consume quantities that ensure maintaining a healthy weight and to stay away from foods that cause deficiency and increase the percentage of acid in the blood, and one of the most important tips that must be followed is to reduce the intake of red meat and seafood, and to refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages. Eating more low-fat milk products, in addition to eating more complex carbohydrates, such as whole-grain bread.