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Brazil is a team that dominates the formation of the most expensive stars in the Copa America

Next Sunday, the Copa America 2021 in its new version will start, with a confrontation between Brazil, the owner of the land, and Venezuela in the opening match, with the final match of the Copa America being held at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro on the tenth of next July.

The tournament will witness the participation of all the stars of the continent, led by Lionel Messi, the captain of the Argentine national team, and Neymar, the Brazilian star. Alison Becker, the goalkeeper of Brazil and Liverpool, is the most expensive among the list of guards participating in the Copa.

Brazil national football team opens Copa 2021


The Brazilian team will open the tournament against Venezuela on June 13, matches will be held in four cities, and the tournament will conclude with the final in Rio de Janeiro on July 10.

Brazil is a national team and domination of the most expensive stars


The Brazilian national team dominated the formation of the most expensive stars in the Copa America 2021, where 6 players out of 11 players from samba came at the head of the most expensive formation of the Copa America stars, which came as follows:

Goalkeeper: Alisson Becker (Brazil 65 million euros).

Defense: Danielo (Brazil 20 million euros), Jimenez (Uruguay 60 million euros), Marquinhos (Brazil 70 million euros), Lodi (Brazil 30 million euros).

Midfield: Casemiro (Brazil 70 million euros), Valverde (Uruguay 70 million euros), Lionel Messi (Argentina 80 million euros), Angel Correa (Argentina 40 million euros), Neymar (Brazil 110 million euros).

Forwards: Lautaro Martinez (Argentina 70 million euros).

Brazil national team and an objection to the establishment of the Cuban


Brazilian football players criticized the decision to transfer the Copa America at the last minute to Brazil from Argentina, in light of the increase in cases of Corona virus, but they said that they will participate in the 10-team tournament that will start in Brasilia, next Sunday.

Brazil is a national team

Brazil was suddenly chosen to host the Copa America after Colombia was excluded due to civil unrest, and then Argentina, its co-host, withdrew after the high cases of Corona.

The Reuters news agency quoted Brazilian media reports that confirmed that the players were angry because they were not consulted in the decision, in addition to the potential consequences for public health, and some players expressed their desire not to participate in the tournament, according to reports.

In a statement published in the early hours of Wednesday, Brazil's players said they were not satisfied with the way the South American Football Confederation "CONMEBOL" dealt with the decision.

Brazil is a national team

"For various reasons, whether humanitarian or professional, we are not satisfied with the way CONMEBOL dealt with the Copa America, all the latest facts lead us to believe that there was an inappropriate process in holding the tournament," the Brazil players added.

The players added that they did not want to turn their opposition into a political issue and said they had never considered boycotting the tournament.

And the players continued: "We are against organizing the Copa America, but we will never say no to the Brazil team."

Brazil is a national team

The statement came after Brazil's 2-0 victory over Paraguay in the World Cup qualifiers in Asuncion, a result that left the Brazilian team on the verge of qualifying for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro's decision to give the green light to host the tournament was met with astonishment, given that the country recorded more than 476,000 deaths due to Covid-19, which is more than any other country apart from the United States.

The Brazilian national team will make its decision tomorrow

On Thursday, Brazil's Supreme Court will discuss two applications seeking to prevent the holding of the "Copa America" ​​tournament in Brazil, which has been badly affected by the Corona pandemic, causing new uncertainty about the turbulent South American championship, according to the Brazilian authorities.

The judges of the Supreme Court will decide, remotely and within 24 hours, the future of the international tournament, scheduled to start on Sunday and end on July 10, and which has the support of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, Brazilian newspaper O Globo said.

Brazil is a national team


On Thursday, the President of the Federal Supreme Court, Minister Luis Foz, called for an extraordinary virtual session, lasting 24 hours, for the judges to take a decision on "the holding of the America's Cup in Brazil."

The judges of Brazil's highest court will vote on two measures calling for the tournament to be suspended: one from the National Confederation and one from the Brazilian Socialist Party and Congressman Julio Delgado.

The text added that the plaintiffs warn that the Copa America represents a health risk and violates the right to life and health.