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Biden breaks royal protocol in his first meeting with Queen Elizabeth at the G7 summit

US President Joe Biden broke royal protocol in his first meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Britain, at the G7 summit hosted by the British city of Cornwall, as the fleet of US President Joe Biden's 18-car motorcade arrived in Cornwall, to attend An evening reception for the leaders participating in the G7 summit, 5 minutes late, after the arrival of Queen Elizabeth, according to Sky News Arabia.

And the royal protocol stresses the need for the guests to be present in the place that will bring them together with Queen Elizabeth, before her arrival, and not after, as happened with Biden.

For its part, the “Debret” company, which specializes in providing courses related to “etiquette” and “official dealing protocols”, revealed that “the royal protocol includes a basic rule, which is to attend before members of the royal family at any event, and to leave after them,” according to the Daily Mail British.

Queen Elizabeth hosted the leaders of the Group of Seven major industrialized countries in an evening reception, and the most influential leaders in the world chatted with members of the British royal family, and this event, which was closed to most of the media, witnessed the presence of members of the royal family, world leaders and their wives.

It is noteworthy that the American newspaper, "The Wall Street Journal", said - earlier - that Joe Biden became the 13th American president that Queen Elizabeth meets, as the British Queen has met all American presidents since World War II, with the exception of only one, Lyndon Johnson. .

The newspaper pointed out that Biden met the Queen at a reception on Friday for the leaders of the Group of Seven countries, and Biden will meet her again with his wife Jill tomorrow, Sunday, for tea at Windsor Castle, and the newspaper said that during her nearly 70-year reign, the Queen has proven to be a weapon. Important in Britain's diplomatic warehouse, it has attracted US leaders in good and bad times.

While still Princess Elizabeth, hosted by US President Harry Truman and her husband Prince Philip in 1951, since she became queen the following year, she has met every sitting president since Dwight Eisenhower, with the exception of Lyndon Johnson, giving her an unparalleled experience of the incumbents. successive ovals.

And the "Wall Street Journal" said that the 95-year-old queen is playing a diplomatic role again, as the United Kingdom hosts the G7 summit on the south coast of England, and she and her family hosted a reception for the leaders of the Group of Seven on Friday evening.