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Beginning of exams for the second batch of the Young and Medium Petroleum Leadership Program

Yesterday, the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources started the first evaluation and testing phase for applicants to the ministry’s program for qualifying young and medium leaders (the second batch), under the auspices of Eng. Based on the importance of the development of human cadres as they are the main pillar for the sustainability of the launch and progress of the petroleum sector.


The stage began with testing nearly 80 applicants for the program at the headquarters of the testing committee of the Assiut Petroleum Refining Company in Assiut Governorate. The test was designed through a fully automated electronic system without any human intervention, and the program was designed by one of the companies specialized in the field of cognitive and linguistic capabilities measurement and personality analysis. .


The Ministry of Petroleum and the program team were keen to provide a number of equipped committees in five governorates, “Assiut, Suez, Alexandria, Cairo, and Port Said” to facilitate the applicants and preserve their safety, in compliance with the rules and precautionary measures and social distancing that the Ministry is keen on in all work and production sites in light of The spread of the Corona pandemic, and the necessary technological infrastructure was provided by providing halls equipped with the latest computers, in addition to preparing a trained work team to avoid any problems and overcome any obstacles that might arise during the tests.