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America is the first and Argentina is the last in the classification of dealing with the Corona epidemic

The United States of America ranked first in the classification of flexibility in dealing and controlling the emerging epidemic of Corona, while Argentina ranked last in the classification.

The Bloomberg Foundation’s global ranking for flexibility in dealing with and controlling the Corona epidemic included 53 countries worldwide, and was led by the United States of America due to the expansion of a rapid and highly effective vaccine campaign and thanks to a stimulus package worth 1.9 trillion dollars that it provided to recover from the virus, which stopped what was once a The days are the worst outbreak of the virus in the world, while Argentina ranked last.

According to the South Atlantic News Agency, today, the Bloomberg Index showed that European countries such as Switzerland, France and Spain are among the top ten for the classification, and they are countries that have opened their borders to immunized tourists while having fewer hospital admissions due to vaccination.

And the Bloomberg classification indicated that countries from the Asia-Pacific region that performed well in the previous classification fell to lower centers such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, due to the continued application of strict border restrictions to limit the spread of the virus, which limited their ability to reopen their economies, while Taiwan fell. To the 44th place due to the delay in vaccination campaigns and the large outbreak of the epidemic.

India, the Philippines and some Latin American countries ranked lowest in the rankings amid changes caused by global isolation and slow vaccination campaigns.

Mexico has improved its situation due to progress in implementing the vaccination program, reopening businesses, increasing the volume of flights and travel routes, as well as vaccinating large numbers of its citizens.

The main Bloomberg classification identified ten criteria to record the success of each country in confronting the Corona outbreak, including the implementation of vaccination campaigns and easing restrictions, the ease of entry and exit and the extent of air travel recovery, along with the decline in death rates to the number of infections, freedom of movement, and economic growth.