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A beheading threat against Sfaxien stirs controversy in Tunisia

A photo published by supporters of the Olympic Transport Club in Tunisia, which included a threat of slaughter against the Sfaxien club, two weeks before the match that will bring them together in the semi-finals of the Tunisian Football Cup, sparked widespread controversy on social media.

A picture was widely circulated on Facebook showing 4 young men making a "heavy joke", 3 of them pointing knives in the face of the fourth, who wore the shirt of the Sfaxien Sports Club.

The Olympic Transport Club will face its Sfaxien counterpart, on June 18, for the semi-finals of the Tunisian Football Cup.

And the administration of the Olympic Transport Club published a statement through its account on the “Facebook” website, in which it repudiated the image that embodies the threat, and confirmed that “the image does not represent the club that has a strong relationship with the Sfaxien club, and all Tunisian clubs.”

While the head of the governing body of the Olympic Transport Club, Cyrine Merabet, considered, in a post on her account on “Facebook” that the image circulated does not represent her, and called on the supporters of the Malasin Club (relative to the city to which the club belongs and located in the popular neighborhoods of the capital Tunis) not to be reckless and engage in provocations.

And the local "EFM" radio reported that one of the young men who appeared in the photo apologized to all Sfaxien club supporters, saying that "the picture is spontaneous, does not bear a criminal dimension, and was part of a family joke."

While activist Ahmed Trabelsi republished the photo, through his account on the “Facebook” website, and attached it with a sarcastic comment, in which he wrote: “Officially, the Olympic Transport Club is in the final round.” The Olympic Transport Club is considered one of the oldest clubs in Tunisia, and it was founded in 1966, and plays in The second professional football league, and he previously won the Tunisian Football Cup in 1988.