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7 teams represent Real Madrid in Euro 2020

Real Madrid will represent a number of players in the European Nations Cup "Euro 2020", which will start on June 11.

Spain did not represent any Real Madrid player for the first time in history, led by Sergio Ramos, the captain of the Royal and Al-Madador, by a decision of Luis Enrique, coach of the La Roja team.

But despite this, Real Madrid has 9 players who will participate in Euro 2020, represented by 7 teams.

The start with the French national team, represented by Real Madrid, duo Raphael Varane and Karim Benzema, respectively.

And joined the list of the Belgian national team, duo Thibaut Courtois, Real Madrid goalkeeper, and Eden Hazard, the midfielder, despite his absence from participating with Real Madrid for most of the season ending 2020-2021.

Toni Kroos will participate for the last time in the German national team shirt, while Luka Modric appears with the Croatian national team, in addition to Gareth Bale, who leads the Wales national team.

Finally, young goalkeeper Lunin was called to represent his country in the European Nations Championship, and David Alaba leads the Austrian national team, which is the first signing made by the royal club this summer, coming from Bayern Munich.