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7 days separate Marcelo from regular training in Ismaily because of the ankle

The Ismaili Club’s medical apparatus is racing against time to prepare Hussein El-Sayed Marcelo, the left back of the team, to confront Ghazl El-Mahalla, who suffers from panic in the inner ligament of the ankle, as the player needs seven more days to finish his rehabilitation program, and the player attends physical therapy sessions in the gym with crutches, and performs hydrotherapy sessions To ensure the player’s response and readiness for the next stage, he is subjected to a medical test to determine his position on facing the farmers, and the dervishes are preparing to face Ghazl El-Mahalla at seven in the evening, Thursday, June 17, at Ismailia Stadium in the 26th round of the league competition.

Hussein El-Sayed Marcelo, the player of the pioneers of the army loaned to Ismaili, welcomed the final transfer to the ranks of the Dervishes in the upcoming summer transfers, and Ihab Galal, Ismaili technical director, held a session with the player, in which he informed him of the Dervishes’ desire to keep him, which Marcelo welcomed, stressing that his loan to Ismaili rediscovered it again after A period of non-participation made him lose his technical and physical fitness, indicating that he loves to play for the mass teams because it pushes him to shine and show his capabilities.

The Technical Committee of the Ismaili Club, headed by Ali Abu Greisha, asked the officials of the pioneers of the army to transfer the loan of Hussein Al-Sayed Marcelo, the left back to the Dervishes, for a final sale, after the distinguished level in which the player appeared during the last period.

Since the arrival of El-Sayed to the Yellow Castle in the last winter transfer period, Al-Ismaili wants to keep Marcelo within the plan to form a distinguished team for the Dervishes starting next season, after getting rid of the vortex that the team is suffering from this season.

Hussein Al-Sayed Marcelo was loaned to the Ismaili Club for the end of the season, which is the fourth local experience of Marcelo at the local level, where he played for Al-Ahly clubs, Talaa Al-Jaish and Misr El-Maqassa before wearing the yellow shirt. He also participated in 7 Egypt Cup matches with a total of 608 minutes, scored two goals and made the same, and played a 90-minute match in the Egyptian Super with the Red Genie.

He played 25 league matches with Misr El-Maqasa with 1641 minutes and scored two goals, while he played a match in the Egypt Cup with 90 minutes, while he played five matches with Al-Tala’a, 4 matches in the league and one in the Egypt Cup.