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6 tips to stay healthy in the summer.. the most prominent of which is a balanced diet and fluid intake

Summer has arrived and temperatures have risen, which may lead to some summer diseases, the most famous of which are heat stroke, skin burns and dehydration, and it is very important to be careful while going out in high temperatures, in the following report we talk about some simple tips to spend the summer without health problems and go out It is safe, according to healthline.

Tips to avoid summer health problems

Follow a healthy and healthy diet


Maintain your proper diet and eat seasonal fruits and vegetables regularly. Eating cold and light foods (fresh fruits, vegetable juices, raw organic salads, and plenty of water) will fuel your body for outdoor activities. Include some protein in one or two meals in your diet. Avoid oily or fast foods.

Get the right skin care in summer


The skin must be properly moisturized in the summer, to get completely dry skin, you can also use a moisturizing cream, the face or skin must be washed properly in the summer to protect it from heat stroke and dust particles.

Lots of fluids


To get good hydration, take sips of any of the following drinks throughout the day in the summer, before you really start to feel thirsty and dehydrated, most notably plain water, coconut water, water with lemon slices and cucumber, decaffeinated iced tea, herbal tea.


Take nutritional supplements


Proper nutritional supplement can support you with more physical energy and increase your summer activities B complex vitamins relax the nervous system and are very beneficial for cellular energy production Other antioxidants protect your body from stress, chemical pollutants and biochemical byproducts of exercise.

wear cotton clothes


Light cotton clothing with ample breathability is essential for the summer to keep the body healthy, breathable fabrics such as cotton, silk and linen are more body-friendly during the summer.


Stay cool and hydrated


Drink plenty of water, at least two to four cups when you get up in the morning, and similar amounts for your activities and exercises. We need two to three liters of water per day, and more in hot weather or with sweating and exercise.