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4 reasons why you should not miss breakfast.. How does it help in losing weight?

Most people skip breakfast easily, especially when trying to lose weight to reduce calorie intake, either they choose to have a cup of black coffee or completely skip anything in the morning, but this habit is not true and does not speed up the weight loss process as some believe, and there are Several reasons why you should never miss breakfast when trying to shed pounds, according to Healthline.

 4 reasons why you should never miss breakfast when trying to lose weight:
1- Important to start the metabolism process
When you wake up in the morning, your metabolism slows down due to a long night fast while you sleep, and this can also slow down the process of burning fat, so it is essential that you eat something within an hour after waking up, as eating a healthy meal in the morning can help promote the process Metabolism and calorie burning throughout the day. Breakfast can include eggs, smoothies, oats, fruits, dairy, and biscuits, which are some of the healthy breakfast options.

2- It reduces cravings for food at night
Studies show that eating a nutritious, healthy, high-fiber breakfast reduces cravings during the night, as people who don't eat enough in the morning tend to eat more carbohydrates later in the day. Being high in carbs helps control blood sugar and stave off cravings later. People who skip carbs in the morning eat more carbs in the evening.

3- It gives you a feeling of satiety
Eating a high-fiber breakfast in the morning will keep you feeling full until your next meal, which in turn reduces your craving for unhealthy and sugary foods.

4- Gives you an extra dose of protein
Missing breakfast in the morning also means that you are missing out on essential nutrients including protein, if you have been trying to shed kilos for a long time then you must know how important it is to eat enough protein in the day, it is the basic building block of life that helps repair damaged cells and build muscle;