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4 Egyptian companies win the Industrial Innovation Award 2020

The technology centers of the Ministry of Trade and Industry announced that four companies won the Industrial Innovation Award 2020, in cooperation with the German International Cooperation GIZ and the Federation of Egyptian Industries, during the closing ceremony of the Industrial Innovation Award 2020 - via video conference - with the aim of encouraging companies that have the ability to innovate, and publish Awareness of the culture of innovation and its role in industrial growth, under the auspices of the Minister of Trade and Industry, Nevin Jameh.


Ahmed Reda, Assistant Minister for Industry Affairs and General Supervisor of Technology Centers, said in a statement to the Ministry of Trade and Industry today, Tuesday, that this event comes within the framework of the innovation strategy in industry in cooperation between the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Private Sector Development Project, which is implemented in cooperation with the German Cooperation Agency with the aim of promoting The role of innovation in improving the competitiveness of the Egyptian industry and increasing its added value, as well as encouraging entrepreneurship, establishing new industrial projects, and providing productive job opportunities for young people.


He stressed that industrial innovation is the way to keep pace with the Fourth Industrial Revolution in light of the transformations that the world is witnessing in all fields as a result of new innovative ideas, and industrial companies have to encourage industrial innovation and work on the use of various technologies.


He added that innovation is an essential tool to achieve the goals of the "Dignified Life" initiative by upgrading societies and improving the living conditions of the Egyptian citizen. It is also a driver of economic growth, productivity and efficiency, and helps create job opportunities.


For his part, Uwe Geelen, Head of the Development Cooperation Department at the German Embassy in Cairo, stressed the importance of innovation for small and medium-sized companies, and its impact on the growth of the economy, as industrial innovation contributes significantly to economic growth, especially in times of crisis, pointing out that the search for new ideas and opportunities is essential for the development of the economy. Business and its sustainability, and the importance of Egyptianizing the innovations that companies develop and implement.