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3 Reasons to Control Meals and 4 Tips to Resist Overeating

For many, controlling the amount of food we eat at each meal is the biggest hurdle in their weight loss journey, while exercise contributes no more than 30 percent, the rest depends on what you eat. Controlling your food intake is very important, according to the Times of India.

Here are three important reasons why we should exercise control over what we eat during meals:

1- It helps in improving digestion

Eating large quantities of food can lead to indigestion that results in discomfort, acidity and belching, as continuing to increase the load on the digestive system will lead to its failure to work properly, so controlling what we eat is the key to avoiding digestion problems.

2- Controlling blood sugar levels

Overeating can cause blood sugar to rise and increase glucose in the body, and eating in controlled proportions helps keep blood sugar levels under control.

3- Promote weight loss

Paying attention to what we eat can go a long way in keeping weight under control. Eating the right food in the right amount is the best way to get a better body. Eating in moderation also helps you to stay active and energetic and avoid obesity that can lead to problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Blood pressure, cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease and even stroke.

Here are 4 simple tips to control overeating

1- Read the labels carefully

Food labels can tell you all about the hidden calories in your favorite food. Eating moderate amounts helps you enjoy your favorite food without gaining weight.

2- Don't eat without measuring your food

Measure food with cups or spoons to determine the required quantities, and even a digital food scale can help you eat appropriately and control the number of calories.

3- Choose a small plate

You may end up eating more when using large plates, as using smaller plates can make you feel full.

4- Write down how much you eat daily

Practicing portion control can become easy when you start writing down how much you eat in a day. Journaling can help you stay on track and help you change your diet if necessary