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Zidane reveals the reasons for his departure from Real Madrid ... and sends an influential message to the fans

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane revealed the reasons for his departure from the Royal during the past few days, in a farewell message he sent to the fans of the Spanish giants.

Zidane spoke in a message published in the Spanish newspaper "Marca", saying: "My dear madridista, for 20 years, and since the first day that I set foot in Madrid and put on the club's shirt, you have given me your love and I have always felt that there is something very special between us."

The French coach added, "I had a great honor as a player and coach of the most important club in history. I wanted to write this letter to you to say goodbye and explain my decision to leave."

The Real Madrid coach added, "In March 2019, when I agreed to return to coach the team, after an absence of about 8 months, it was because the president of the club, Florentino Perez, of course asked me that, but also because you asked me every day."

He continued, "When I met one of you on the street, I felt supported and wanted to see myself again with the team."

Zizou continued, "I share the values ​​of Madrid, and this team belongs to its members, its fans and the whole world. I tried to convey these values ​​and to be an example. Spending 20 years at Real Madrid is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in my life."

Zidane added, "I know that I owe this to Florentino Perez, who bet on me in 2001, and fought against me, despite the presence of people against me, and I say it with my heart. I will always be grateful to the Merengue president."

On the reasons for his departure from Real Madrid's technical leadership, Zidane commented, "Now I decided to leave, and I want to explain the reasons well, as I did not jump off the boat and I did not get tired of training, and in May 2018 I left because after two and a half years of many victories and titles, I felt that the team needed it." To stay on top, today things are different. "

He added, "I left because I feel that the club is no longer giving me the confidence I need, and it has not given me the support to build something in the medium or long term."

Zidane went on to say, "I know football and what a team like Real Madrid needs, I know that when you don't win you have to go, but something very important has been forgotten, which is what I did every day, and what I contributed to the relationship with the players, 150 people." They work with and around the team. "

"I was born a winner, and I was here to win titles, but there are people, emotions and life, and I have a feeling that these things have not been evaluated, and that it has not been understood that this preserves the dynamics of a wonderful club, and somehow I was blamed," the royal coach assured.

Zidane explained, "I want to respect what we did together, and I wish my relationship with the club and Perez was a little different in recent months. I do not ask for privileges. I just ask to remember what I have achieved, and the coach's career today in any major club is two seasons, not much longer than that." They last longer, human relationships are essential, they are more important than money, fame and everything. "

He said, "That is why I felt great pain when I read the newspapers, because after losing I thought they would send me out if I didn't win the next match, and that hurt me and the entire team, because these deliberately leaked messages to the media created a negative atmosphere and aroused suspicion and misunderstanding."

The Real coach stressed, "It is good that I had great players with me to death, and when things got bad they saved me with great victories, because they believed in me and knew that I believe in them, and of course I am not the best coach in the world, but I am able to give the strength and confidence that everyone needs in his work," Whether he is a player, a member of the coaching staff, or any employee, I know what the team needs. "

Regarding the Real Madrid fans, and their desire to win, Zidane commented, "During 20 years in Madrid, I knew that the fans want to win, and we do that, but before anything, they want us to do our best, and I can assure you that we gave 100% of ourselves." For the club. "

He addressed a message to the journalists, saying: “I would like to send a message to the journalists. I have held hundreds of press conferences, and unfortunately we did not talk much about the round witch, I know that you love football, and this sport unites us, however despite the criticism I wish that the questions were not always directed towards Controversy, we talk a lot about the ball and the players, who are and will always be the most important component of this game. "

The French coach concluded his remarks, saying, "Let's not forget football, let's take care of it, dear madridistas, I will always be one of you."