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Who are the patients at risk of contracting the black fungus and advice for mild cases of corona

Since the emergence of the Corona epidemic, reports of complications caused by the virus have become continuous, recently several cases of black fungi or mucous membrane fungi have been reported in people infected with the Coronavirus, and although this is not a new disease, the incidence of it has been low. Before the emergence of the Coronavirus, however, a sudden rise in Coronavirus cases led to a rise in cases of this rare and deadly fungal infection.

Corona patients who suffer from chronic diseases are more likely to be infected with the black fungus


According to reports published on thehealthsite, diabetics are more likely to become infected with black fungus than those without an underlying disease. Diabetics (those with uncontrolled diabetes), steroid use, and having corona increase the risk of developing the disease. Mucosa. Therefore, diabetics must regularly monitor and control blood sugar levels.

According to doctors, mucosal fungus was previously seen only in people with diabetes, a disorder in which levels of blood sugar (glucose) rise abnormally.

Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy, those who have undergone a transplant and people who take immunosuppressants (drugs that weaken the immune system) used to get them as well, but now because of a virus and its treatment methods, an increase in the number of cases has been observed. "

Patients with weakened immune systems are more likely to be infected with fungi, and patients undergoing treatment for Covid-19, which appears to suppress the activity of the immune system, puts these patients at greater risk of infection with black fungi.

Corona patients should avoid steroids


Doctors have recommended that Corona patients with a moderate type of infection stay away from steroids or "steroids" because they increase the risk of secondary infection such as mycosis of the mucous membrane, and the steroid cannot be used if the level of oxygen saturation in a person with corona virus is normal and is classified as average Clinically.

And he advised those who take steroids to continue checking blood sugar levels because they can reach 300 to 400, and high doses of them that Corona patients take are of no use, while light to moderate doses are good enough.

According to the data, steroids should only be administered for five to 10 days (maximum). Moreover, steroids increase the blood sugar level, which can be difficult to control. This, in turn, can increase the chance of infection with fungi. "