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The Prime Minister of Iraq: We will open an investigation into the events of Tahrir Square ... and the toll is a martyr and 26 injured

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, confirmed that he issued strict orders to protect demonstrations, exercise restraint, and prevent the use of live bullets.


Al-Kazemi said - in a tweet on Twitter - "We will open a transparent investigation into what happened in the last moments of the Tahrir Square demonstration," adding that security is everyone's responsibility and we must all share in preserving it.


The Iraqi National News Agency "NINA" stated that the outcome of the events of the demonstrations that took place today in the Tahrir, Al-Firdous and Al-Nisour squares in Baghdad, reached one martyr and 26 wounded among the demonstrators and the security forces.


The outcome showed the occurrence of one martyr from Diwaniyah residents and the wounding of 9 demonstrators and 17 members of the security forces, lying in the hospitals of the Medical City, Al-Kindi and Sheikh Zayed to receive treatment